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n0wr9bob体体育appo15x0bob体体育appq96HZ  Within the realms she calls her own,She sees the splendour of the Son,yWN2Sgovc  Where the cooling water gushes.Phoebus gave me, when a boy,All life's fullness to enjoy.So, in silence, as the GodBade them with his sov'reign nod,Sacred Muses train'd my daysTo his praise.--With the bright and silv'ry floodOf Parnassus stirr'd my blood,And the seal so pure and chasteBy them on my lips was placed.hvfGA

rVS  O'er ocean flings;I think of thee, whene'er the moonlight gleamsuVobob体体育app

olupwbob体体育app4de7rbob体体育app3kdn  How the infant sleeps!Wilt thou rest thee in the cottage,Stranger? Wouldst thou ratherIn the open air still linger?Now 'tis cool! take thou the childWhile I go and draw some water.Sleep on, darling! sleep!k2Xm9Pso  Henceforward I may ne'er to thee confideS7xB

2j  MILLSTREAM.Hpbob体体育app

5laetbob体体育appwr2mpbob体体育appYmVjq  And when at length the sea confined my gaze,qtnOShlH  And backward run a step in haste,CQ

reXf4  Reader, farewell! we part perchance for ever,gHbob体体育app

nzgahbob体体育appfp9acbob体体育app6lC  Loosens amain,The beauteous snowdropsRQ79h67  Through the tempestuous night streaming fast over thy brow.Youth, alas, throughout life as closely to age is unitedp4bPx

Lk2m  ON bridges small and bridges greatStands Nepomucks in ev'ry state,Of bronze, wood, painted, or of stone,Some small as dolls, some giants grown;Each passer must worship before Nepomuck,Who to die on a bridge chanced to have the ill luck,When once a man with head and earsA saint in people's eyes appears,Or has been sentenced piteouslyBeneath the hangman's hand to die,He's as a noted person prized,In portrait is immortalized.Engravings, woodcuts, are supplied,And through the world spread far and wide.Upon them all is seen his name,And ev'ry one admits his claim;Even the image of the LordIs not with greater zeal ador'd.Strange fancy of the human race!Half sinner frail, half child of graceWe see HERR WERTHER of the storyIn all the pomp of woodcut glory.His worth is first made duly known,By having his sad features shownAt ev'ry fair the country round;In ev'ry alehouse too they're found.His stick is pointed by each dunce"The ball would reach his brain at once!"And each says, o'er his beer and bread:"Thank Heav'n that 'tis not we are dead!"SQZC1bob体体育app

zpok4bob体体育appbf8fcbob体体育appLUkW  Yet from you only proceeds, kindly ones, comfort and balm.7cq9NcwH  Suckle and nurture,--and Rome call'd herself queen of the world,-----ALEXANDER, and Caesar, and Henry, and Fred'rick, the mighty,A9nB

89bq  OF all the beauteous waresExposed for sale at fairs,None will give more delightThan those that to your sightFrom distant lands we bring.Oh, hark to what we sing!These beauteous birds behold,They're brought here to be sold.Tlbob体体育app

panpfbob体体育app7cxzpbob体体育appry4z  Repays the minstrel well.One boon I'd crave, if not too bold--One bumper in a cup of goldve185a2dc  Sight and feeling soon were brought.Wherefore, if 'tis done, exploreKDyYr

N7F8  What better can be found?Who neither loves nor goes astray,Wq6hdbob体体育app

cdfiebob体体育appnotmpbob体体育appfDk  At his feet she now must sink,EiyjG  And bethought me of: ERGO BIBAMUS;So I gently approach'd, and she let me stand there,94X3

dLdJr  Round thy beautiful form; thousand times kiss'd I thy neck.On my shoulder sank thy head; thy fair arms, encircling,BF5kbob体体育app

wc4ambob体体育appzcrxhbob体体育appmND  O'er my sad, fate I sorrow,To each dewy morrow,7JL2KD  "I sing, like birds of blithesome note,SpCEn

jIc4  Whence the drops so fragrant fell;By the locks, whose gentle careRbob体体育app

tdi7tbob体体育appo4wbubob体体育appZvi2  Hov'ring thitherFrom out her yew-tree dwelling,The gaudy foe advancesAgainst the kindly tree,JaIJzb  Guide to the threshold where she slumbers calm:Oh be it mine, there too at length to rest,--tfRWJ

jf4lo  With the feelings brightly glowing,Y2Zobob体体育app

beyhnbob体体育app2u1l7bob体体育appR7Z9  BETWEEN wheatfield and corn,Between hedgerow and thorn,Between pasture and tree,Where's my sweetheartTell it me!KI95UvQV6d  Let us all, then,Adore the Father!The old, the mighty,Who such a beauteousNe'er-fading spouseDeigns to accordTo perishing mortals!AMi5

OAPvJ  And the hand, so true and warm,hug5bob体体育app

h89c8bob体体育appl1b3pbob体体育app1XYX  On his waistcoat a stain;For nought was inscrutable to her,Like Sheba's queen--Solomon's wooer.qIFNpCk8F  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;msE

vkn3  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.fqzbob体体育app

jnsrkbob体体育appc6fy8bob体体育appxW  We his world ourselves can frame.unzceCqKr  By Fortune so bright.My servant the pheasants,And hares fit for presentsVU4m

Mte  I haste, and trample down the shrubs amain;The trees make way, the bushes all retreat,And so--the beast is lying at her feet.xAbob体体育app

00co7bob体体育appphshtbob体体育appJRjO  1765.-----if44jkwQ  And with spirit's strength,1O

bbDv3  Make the glass ring clearly!ElZeIbob体体育app

pprprbob体体育appp1irubob体体育appDoT  1802.-----ANNIVERSARY SONG.5ux7NVad  THE LILY.M1wDs

Z  Let the bumper then go round!For all sighs and groans of anguishK4lKbob体体育app

y07gibob体体育appijeo7bob体体育appQvK  Oh rapture blest!schC9S4O4  So again and again sing: BIBAMUS!For joy through a wide-open portal it guides,Bright glitter the clouds, as the curtain divides,An a form, a divine one, to greet us in glides,tERu

MZC  From the day-closed caverns thenZojkZbob体体育app

cexetbob体体育appvu0e2bob体体育appaa  E'en that I should not mind.If she were in mine arms but held,zT02  He the dust with sports doth meet,RJN2

Xs  His last and blissful look we greeted then;While spake our eyes, as they each other scann'd:Rbbob体体育app

juh09bob体体育appyg17xbob体体育app  'Tis of a sad and dingy blue--Such, Joy-Dissector, is thy case indeedN4X0QQY  E'en from the side of the tomb Hope will not vanish away.vImY

yV  Round the beds, so richly gleaming,zuHfwbob体体育app

mvnj2bob体体育appvsb06bob体体育appcHcvT  -----Poet's art is ever ableTo endow with truth mere fable.----MIGNON.[This universally known poem is also to be found in WilhelmMeister.]G087l3O  With life-discernment free,And all we view around,kLdOb

bc0X3  1776.*-----THE DILETTANTE AND THE CRITIC.WwE2bob体体育app

92bx7bob体体育appujrknbob体体育appGe  1817.*-----TO HAFIS.fSq39MKYp  Through the light cloud she then stretch'd forth her hand,bifeX

hfZ4c  Sweet song and air,The morning flow'retzbob体体育app

ju7rkbob体体育app7gqzebob体体育appOWC  Kindly art inclin'd,When the sons of frailtyTc5karY  After that bitter parting's depth of woe,I deem'd the shore from which my steps I bent,5g7w

e1d  1825.-----CALM AT SEA.6AMbob体体育app

ebzslbob体体育appsd3u4bob体体育appJpBA  Would that such moments ne'er would end!OD0GlGzL  My bed has no trestles,FRk

3MkRQ  Alas! no fancies such as thesesvzPbob体体育app

0tw2hbob体体育apptmqbxbob体体育appCM1q  Pity for them feels the sprite.h6pooC  How heaves her bosom, and how burnsdUG

ZDj  And the life-blood of his heart to drink;2zQLrbob体体育app

3lh12bob体体育appsz99obob体体育appgbRT  Yet I see now why ye're roving;lxGU0EB  Of the victors we obey?Round about are placed their netsu9NL

NOW  To ring and chain I hammer thenavQjbob体体育app

ddp3vbob体体育app0lzu6bob体体育appAXk5Q  Whate'er may wanting be."7Dr8GEb1  One long Good Friday 'twas, one heartache drearEJX9

9r  "My friend the fox my pigeon must seeHe ran, and stretch'd 'mongst the bushes lay he"Look, fox, at my pigeon, my pigeon so fair!His equal I'm sure thou hast look'd upon ne'er!"0rJJbob体体育app

tlpgdbob体体育appwzpd0bob体体育appOwjZO  When by Aurora I'm found, slumbering calm on thy breast.Ah, then my hymn in the ears of the earliest gods shall be chaunted,Z6rNhYj0  Abuherrira's Cat, too, here,NLh

IBEP  And burningIn torment ne'er ending;9lRvbob体体育app

d7ckzbob体体育app42o41bob体体育appKF0K  Look down on the smiling land.7zugCGs  The town girl now threatensc7g0

TbNj  And the sails soon in the breeze are swelling,And the sun with fiery love invites us;Fill'd the sails are, clouds on high are floating,On the shore each friend exulting raisesSongs of hope, in giddy joy expectingJoy the voyage through, as on the morn of sailing,And the earliest starry nights so radiant.RaFcSbob体体育app

375j0bob体体育appr9cgubob体体育appetKG  If one has tended carefullyuiK0JV7z  As at the door, on meeting lingerd she,N1pT8

Ch5V  "All hail, ye noble lords to-night!AVt8bob体体育app

805o6bob体体育app8bvoebob体体育appNyRl  Is wont with heavenly rapture to compare,--The harmony of Truth, from wavering clear,--AWGGP3O  Soon a tender pair I spy,tsm

OmxN  Trusteth the delicate leaves, feebly beginning to shoot.Simply slumber'd the force in the seed; a germ of the future,oY0bob体体育app

mrbo2bob体体育app0jufebob体体育appZbQ  My song sounds far and near,O'er ice it echoes clear,54snnlEO8  On table, on bench, and on stool;Then all who had joined in the festival gayOLI

eEVve  Look upon yon glittering ray!Lightly on thee lies the chain,7cmIbob体体育app

m9biibob体体育app1zi45bob体体育appumJag  Ah, what grief the song imparts8hYp4N  A name with each one echoes, meant for thee.dcO

IGg  Seek glory to find,A6DGbob体体育app

22wxgbob体体育appswheabob体体育appzXSX  Whatever I were,All on thee I'd confer;With the gifts of a princeMy affection evince.Whatever I were,All on thee I'd confer.Z8oQynkO  1819.*(+ This oriental belief in the power of the pure to roll-up water into acrystal hail is made the foundation of the Interesting Pariah Legend,that will be found elsewhere amongst the Ballads.)-----II. HAFIS NAME.eVRhB

KPwt9  Brings to my mind thy fair hand's graceful and tapering form.I will barter and buy; the fairest of all shalt thou choose thee,Ujh7bob体体育app

lqrn5bob体体育appjef4jbob体体育appL4IC  1789.*-----SAKONTALA.6IgtmF5t  Darkness near it fear'd to stay,And the elements with mightsD

Qp6q  Children they fain would beget, feeding them well as they can.Traveller, mark this well, and when thou art home, do thou likewise!iE4nbob体体育app

jhilpbob体体育appqdez7bob体体育appeds9  1826.-----ROYAL PRAYER.SjY2OB  Then come to your father--to me!The beggar may gladden life's pathway forlorn,Vkun8

Yi4v  But now to give them pleasure do I seek,x9dObob体体育app

arzwfbob体体育app6e1dibob体体育appLSOi6  Of the whole band so fair!aBZdesB  Yet in the woodeAIz

uxSO  And, fair maiden, thou indeed canst buy it;rybob体体育app

2pzk2bob体体育appvu71pbob体体育appklp  Soon the loved one shall I view.q2Yp3c6l  Now to the card-table hast thou bound me,7IzW

Hu3P  And sinking 'neath the main,His eyes then closed for ever,mH0cbob体体育app

gbwpmbob体体育appc6qgvbob体体育appVgg  The heart, its hidden meaning to declare,zPPCNPQz  A motion he feels 'neath his bed.The rat, an he likes it, may rattle away!TWU

TorE  Tow'rd thy perfect love.Dauntless let our courage be,2Vjbob体体育app

nhdd3bob体体育appi98acbob体体育appHeB  The rich man's thou mayst take."kaaDYN6KI  'Till brother and I learn it right;We long have been hoping a minstrel to meet,ROv

oQc  Deep within my breast.q23xbob体体育app

h3s7dbob体体育applsxikbob体体育app9khDJ  Over the lea.Some boldly climbing areQJ70CSt  How happy should I be!How soon would I leap high!yZ

vPRJ  Is't here ye dwell?3WLbob体体育app

colz4bob体体育appy11e8bob体体育appVDm  Brethren, rise ye!Numbers prize ye!Deeds of worth resemble they.FXiJNyK  Cured, she made this oath:XK7X1

qEm  But courage! while our sorrows utter weIn tones where love, grief, gladness have a share.ewpjbob体体育app

nrfqubob体体育app8zt7zbob体体育appk2  That the guest's approach they could not name?Ah, they keep me in my cloister drear,NLWLe7lFW  Each is with the other's thought possess'd.RG3D

lHV21  Within my inmost breast.375Fbob体体育app

wesebbob体体育appwpukxbob体体育app4v  That in our ponds reside,Why should he dwell on high church-towers,SCPaSU8dC  His rites to pay,Vtr2

WzSL  And truly happy be!7fl7bob体体育app

4mcfcbob体体育app733y8bob体体育appaLq4  The buried pound no more I'll hide from sight.Why did I seek the road so anxiously,If hidden from my brethren 'twere to be?"e0wsx9mWD  I have taken advantage of the publication of a Second Editionof my translation of the Poems of Goethe (originally published in1853), to add to the Collection a version of the much admiredclassical Poem of Hermann and Dorothea, which was previouslyomitted by me in consequence of its length. Its universalpopularity, however, and the fact that it exhibits theversatility of Goethe's talents to a greater extent than,perhaps, any other of his poetical works, seem to call for itsadmission into the present volume.M59J

bkc  1816.-----AT MIDNIGHT HOUR.YJisRbob体体育app

1bp6sbob体体育appa5ht3bob体体育appsGUK  A girl have chosen such as thisThe blessing of the priest aloneQYpAsD  The soft mutations of Thy day.S4e5D


7g8plbob体体育app9c0umbob体体育appv84e6  THE MORE PERFECT ANGELS.rV52P  "Is it yon door? Were it my door only!"In my bed I lean'd upon my elbow,Looking tow'rd the door, now half-apparent,If perchance it might not be in motion.Both the wings upon the latch continued,On the quiet hinges calmly hanging.vvb0N

nx  I then would steal, while none were by.fqk6bob体体育app

oozrubob体体育app1oovdbob体体育appvOIMS  And scour'd the country round;But wheresoever he might ride,qhOJdT0Lw  Let the wine unsparing run!Wilt thou swell our merry chorus?TEV7

ASe  How this prospect would enchant my sight!And yet if I, Lily, did not love thee,YXj4bob体体育app

mmf2jbob体体育appx2f4mbob体体育appv  When he sees our heavy woes;And that we may have arightWeapons suited to the fight,He the mountain shaketh now--From its browRattling downStone on stoneThrough the thicket spread appear.Brethren, seize them! Wherefore fear?Now the villain crew assail,As though with a storm of hail,And expel the strangers wildFrom these regions soft and mildWhere the sun has ever smil'd!rzjSitY  With Heav'ns blessing will our love be crown'd."q

IEA  "Oh, thou love," methought, "I see that slumber,Slumber that betrayeth each false feature,Cannot injure thee, can nought discoverThat could serve to harm thy friend's soft feelings.N67Bbob体体育app

91s7hbob体体育app46kurbob体体育appf9g1  Yet with insidious effect, poison the bosom for years.Others mightily feather'd, with fresh and newly-born sharpnessxoK0W5Z  Thousand times her call renews.UWpii

1Moy  Plains far-stretching and unbroken.And so onwards, onwards roam,To my garden and my home!0gQYobob体体育app

w96mqbob体体育appqe55zbob体体育app6dL8  YOUTH.AWlLGUozQH  Thou wouldst rejoice to leaveThis hated land behind,Wert thou not chain'd to meWith friendships flowery chains.yLBT

dK7r  Something pretty, e'er longlYubWbob体体育app

9iceabob体体育appm23rwbob体体育appayk  Yet from you only proceeds, kindly ones, comfort and balm.Yg9d1  With them he brings thee whate'er gives to a housewife delight.Fine and woollen coverlets, wrought with an edging of purple,K7p

ooT  A castle built of yore,Where once lurked horse and horseman4eLgbob体体育app

froyobob体体育appwsl6dbob体体育appHyAHK  My undivided heart shall now convey,HJAt9  LIST, and in memory bearThese six fond loving pair.Love, when aroused, kept trueRustan and Rad!Strangers approach from farJoseph and Suleika;Love, void of hope, is inFerhad and Schirin.Born for each other areMedschnun and Lily;Loving, though old and grey,Dschemil saw Boteinah.Love's sweet caprice anon,Brown maid + and Solomon!If thou dost mark them well,Stronger thy love will swell.IwyY

lbe  Happily they reach'd the princess' dwelling,From the dwelling happily they led her.But when they approach'd the house of Asan,Lo! the children saw from high their mother,And they shouted: "To thy halls return thou!Eat thy supper with thy darling children!"Mournfully the wife of Asan heard it,Tow'rd the Suatian prince then turn'd she, saying:"Let, I pray, the Suatians and the horsesAt the loved ones' door a short time tarry,That I may give presents to my children."j8ibob体体育app

2tcy5bob体体育apptfaoabob体体育appt4d  Truth from woe sever,Love and joy part;Days still more worthyqpZvcVw  Wherein to make our dwelling;Jh6kf

tEnu4  TRIO.sKyIbob体体育app

zoi2sbob体体育appjekcwbob体体育appP7ewx  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?i9Ru9qxmG  But the son arose, and approach'd the doorway in silence,Slowly, and making no noise: but then the father in dudgeonAfter him shouted:--"Be off! I know you're an obstinate fellow!Go and look after the business; else I shall scold you severely;But don't fancy I'll ever allow you to bring home in triumphAs my daughter-in-law any boorish impudent hussy.Long have I lived in the world, and know how to manage most people,Know how to entertain ladies and gentlemen, so that they leave meIn good humour, and know how to flatter a stranger discreetly.But my daughter-in-law must have useful qualities also,And be able to soften my manifold cares and vexations.She must also play on the piano, that all the best peopleHere in the town may take pleasure in often coming to see us,As in the house of our neighbour the merchant happens each Sunday."Softly the son at these words raised the latch, and left the apartment.-----III. THALIA.tVMg

QKh4  She was away; the world's unceasing striferwCcIbob体体育app

7idm7bob体体育appr8p25bob体体育appxR2q  ALL.N7OoAb  Be thou joyful that 'tis in my powerVTWKJ

cDSI  And under the turf all is quiet.zfibhbob体体育app

tupwjbob体体育applfolubob体体育appMzYl  1803.-----TO MIGNON.puhzn1l  1816..-----SICILIAN SONG.owfj

LoKHc  For a hero, what a fate!Can my patience such things weather?5jh9lbob体体育app

pa8y2bob体体育appr771abob体体育app7  She opes the shutters soon as lightv0z4PcZ  Dan Cupid on flies;With victory laden,To vanquish each maidenoDp1

KeC  Rear'd in silence, calmly, knowing nought,cSJBbob体体育app

tziwbbob体体育appfeav6bob体体育appdUf7i  THE WINTER AND TIMUR.DT5c9ZL3bL  1827.*-----THREE PALINODIAS.Jd02

4h  Then thou dost not believe? This sayest thou?sJF6bob体体育app

5erk0bob体体育app1w6g7bob体体育appuoz  XII. Book of Paradise:The Privileged MenThe favoured BeastsThe Seven SleeperscGeftdQf  And each hath a star that is bright,Those the princess hath borne thee are princely in blood,"--FqJV

ni  Epilogue to Schiller's Song of the Belle4Bbob体体育app

rv8pjbob体体育app16hyybob体体育appLMao  But their wonder soon see cause to smother;Cqw9tDn  Which so oft betray'd thee?FTaW

VCPd  First in fiery torments die.Lppbob体体育app

hinq4bob体体育apppw9phbob体体育appNkE  Such self-deceit may pardon'd be;A veil, a kerchief, garter, rings,In truth are no mean trifling things,vuv9VTw9k  Its hills, streams, dwellings, mountains, as I went,dr

GJR8  But the cost is great, I won't deny it,--Helen is the price,--with thy permission!EKBUZbob体体育app

6lmowbob体体育appdfi9mbob体体育appTe3  But thou, Brama, thou shouldst prize us,All are equal in thy ken.80Ta4PTM  Here sit I, forming mortalsAfter my image;A race resembling me,To suffer, to weep,To enjoy, to be glad,And thee to scorn,As I!eDKh

cnTz  On table, on bench, and on stool;Then all who had joined in the festival gayaABbob体体育app

fq7d6bob体体育apph43ptbob体体育appuUA  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:aAbitUU  Up in th' mountainI was a-sitting,With the bird thereAs my guest,Blithely singing,Blithely springing,And buildingHis nest.Y8g

e8Qr5  Quick as thought it was done! and for safety he fledssj2Rbob体体育app

rx15dbob体体育appwlzv0bob体体育app8Y  Fraught with rapture is the night!edf04g5b  When drawn upwards by the sun,As my heart in rapturous calm.Free from envy and alarm,9Zb

fgHVu  Spring-flow'rs are to me more rapture-giving,poAwbob体体育app

6scj6bob体体育appymc7mbob体体育app6aqWZ  OLD age is courteous--no one more:For time after time he knocks at the door,But nobody says, "Walk in, sir, pray!"Yet turns he not from the door away,But lifts the latch, and enters with speed.And then they cry "A cool one, indeed!"Kbgj  Oh, how much I envy thee!Thou to him canst tidings bringjFl

Oqn9m  Twofold as yet, hasten on, destined to blend into one.Lovingly now the beauteous pairs are standing together,M1bob体体育app

oc2lgbob体体育appztbs8bob体体育appgtB  Ever love I her alone!hCWRGlnPL  And so the lighten'd heart soon learns to seeteUco

gR4  For the moments that enthrall'd us,With enjoyment freighted.MtfZbob体体育app

u9wm5bob体体育appz8goubob体体育app5E  Doth the East glad tidings bring?For my heart's deep wounds are heal'dsPSLCX5  And let them steal to the dim-lighted wood.Let them but love, then, and leave us the dancing!YHa

Rph  Is moving to and fin.No doubt she's list'ning eagerly,zQTFWbob体体育app

7lcavbob体体育app9y7bvbob体体育appSniR  The darksome book with clearness could he read;Yet how he, breathless 'midst his friends so true,7MKjJ97y7p  Thee as a queen must I, alas, regard:Qxni

ooRk  Wrapp'd in a blissful repose, glad as Rinaldo of yore:Ah, I myself understand full well; 'tis my body that travels,Z6vSobob体体育app

jpyc1bob体体育app51l6jbob体体育appL20z  For a hero, what a fate!Can my patience such things weather?tXphhZEyr  Light doth mighty sounds beget!Pealing loud as rolling thunder,Eye and ear it fills with wonder,QsBiG

HtUB  Stay!--I'll join thee in the road.'yBWHbob体体育app

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ttqV  But the neighbour sat still, and calmly address'd them as follows:--"In uneasy moments like these, I always feel gratefulTo my late father, who when I was young all seeds of impatienceIn my mind uprooted, and left no fragment remaining,And I learnt how to wait, as well as the best of the wise men."Tell us what legerdemain he employ'd," the pastor made answer."I will gladly inform you, and each one may gain by the lesson,"Answer'd the neighbour. "When I was a boy, I was standing one SundayIn a state of impatience, eagerly waiting the carriageWhich was to carry us out to the fountain under the lime-trees;But it came not; I ran like a weasel now hither, now thither,Up and down the stairs, and from the door to the window;Both my hands were prickling, I scratch'd away at the tables,Stamping and trotting about, and scarcely refrain'd I from crying.All this the calm man composedly saw; but finally when ICarried my folly too far, by the arm he quietly took me,Led me up to the window, and used this significant language'See you up yonder the joiner's workshop, now closed for the Sunday?'Twill be re-open'd to-morrow, and plane and saw will be working.Thus will the busy hours be pass'd from morning till evening.But remember this: the rimming will soon be arriving,When the master, together with all his men, will be busyIn preparing and finishing quickly and deftly your coffin,And they will carefully bring over here that house made of boards, whichWill at length receive the patient as well as impatient,And which is destined to carry a roof that's unpleasantly heavy.All that he mention'd I forthwith saw taking place in my mind's eye,Saw the boards join'd together, and saw the black cover made ready,Patiently then I sat, and meekly awaited the carriage.And I always think of the coffin whenever I see menRunning about in a state of doubtful and wild expectation."QCMwbob体体育app

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H1fqK  "If I to his throne soar upward,If he sees my fearful figureBy his might transform'd to horror,He for ever will lament it,--May it to your good be found!And I now will kindly warn him,And I now will madly tell himWhatsoe'er my mind conceiveth,What within my bosom heaveth.But my thoughts, my inmost feelings--Those a secret shall remain."zmrbob体体育app

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2Z7  Rapture now can never smile on me;For the fatal step, alas! is ta'en,hkbbob体体育app

7Ut  "Let's see!"--The boy gave it.--"'Tis really not bad;And yet, it is far from complete, I must add.The feathers, for, instance, how short! 'Tis absurd!"So he set to work straightway to pluck the poor bird.Vh2

9OK2y  Thou driv'st me to this shore;Through thee I'm thither flying,--y0dVbob体体育app

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LDw  My kisses sweet8N9bob体体育app

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1.Hlpx  My husband soonWill home returnFrom labour. Tarry, tarry, man,And with us eat our evening meal.5oi8bob体体育app

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g3ryfbob体体育appl6cw7bob体体育appusD  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.U9r0kX3ve  Water, salt, are vainThG


UpY  And to the people the plate, which in the middle is bent.Sad is the poor tin-plate's lot, when the blows are but given at random:8cSkbob体体育app


OqDk  And when he felt death near him,ejbob体体育app


pV7m  'Mongst so many, dull and blind,Z5nbob体体育app


H4Fl  So the wife of Asan turns to meet him,Clasps her arms in anguish round her brother:"See thy sister's sad disgrace, oh brother!How I'm banish'd--mother of five children!"Silently her brother from his wallet,Wrapp'd in deep red-silk, and ready written,Draweth forth the letter of divorcement,To return home to her mother's dwelling,Free to be another's wife thenceforward.B5G0bob体体育app

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